Insects in spring

Hi all,

Last weekend I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Yuroke, Spring Open day. I found many insects to photograph whilst there, I hope you enjoy!


DSC09789 DSC09882 DSC09729 DSC09720 DSC09698 DSC09655 DSC09639 DSC09610


Cheers, Andrew


Tibetan Buddhist Society Gardens

Hi everyone,

Earlier this year I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society, this was before I had a blog so none of the photos made there way on here. I was looking at them again today, and wanted to share some with you.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society have gorgeous gardens as they spend a lot of time nurturing the plants. There were quite a few visitors of the insect kind also…

DSC02112 DSC02159 DSC02229 DSC02269

Have a great weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew