Werribee Mansion 14th April 2013

I spent a lovely afternoon with the Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group yesterday at Werribee Mansion. My what a lovely place, and so big!

I took my time throughout the Sculpture Garden mainly. I just loved the different shapes and textures. Was a great place to try different perspectives and composition.

Here are some of my favourites, I hope you enjoy…

DSC02549I liked the building from this perspective, it looks strong!


You just want to climb up and see what’s waiting!


This was an intriguing sculpture. I believe it was meant to be a plane crash. I took this from the inside… I loved how the light hit all the different angles.


This sculpture was interesting, many couldn’t decide if it was male or female, what do you think?


These two are of a sculpture made from plastic pipes. I loved the pattern the pipes made, especially when taken from different perspectives.



The textures of this stood out for me… not certain exactly what it is!


This tree is amazing! Look at the grooves in the bark!


This totem sculpture had so many possibilities to photograph. I caught a few!

DSC02492 DSC02494DSC02419

A simple gate, so peaceful!


Experimenting with depth of field. I think I’m getting pretty good at this!


Pretty red flowers, what more can I say!


DSC02643 DSC02642

DSC02621I thought this was sweet. It looks like this was carved many years ago, and yet still remains in the tree. I wonder if DK and BL are still together?


I love how tall and straight these trees are!

Hope you enjoyed! Till next time, cheers!