Toadstool at Emerald Lake

Hi all,

Until recently I did not know the red topped toadstools were real! I always thought they were from fairytales! A friend of mine recently showed me a photo of some she had taken photos of at Emerald Lake in the Dandenongs. Well I was so excited off I went Sunday afternoon, toadstool hunting! The official name is Amanita muscaria, I like to call them fairy toadstools!

I was very pleased to find this little toadstool under the trees. No fairies were in sight though!



Cheers, Andrew


Gardens at Lambley Nursery

Hi all,

Recently I visited Lambley Nursery in Ascot, just past Ballarat in Victoria. It takes approximately 2 hours from Melbourne by car. This is a gorgeous nursery specialising in drought tolerant plants. I must say, many of the plants are stunning! Even in Autumn, flowers everywhere! My favourite by far was the Salvia. We purchased quite a few plants too, mostly Salvia’s, so hopefully my garden will look this good sometime!






Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in some lovely gardens!

Cheers, Andrew

Insects Macro

Hi all,

As it is Spring in Melbourne Australia, I have been finding many insects out within the flowers. This has certainly sparked my interest in Macro photography.

This bee was very actively seeking pollen!

This bee was very actively seeking pollen!

I was photographing this flower when I spotted the camouflaged insect within!

I was photographing this flower when I spotted the camouflaged insect within!

I like the contrast between the dark fly and the yellow flower

I like the contrast between the dark fly and the yellow flower.

The big eyes on this little spider intrigued ne

The big eyes on this little spider intrigued me, I’m not normally a spider fan!

I have a feeling there will be more macro insect photos appearing in the future, quite a lot of fun!

Bye for now, Andrew 🙂

Gardens and Architecture at Cloudehill Nursery

Hi all,

On Sunday I went with a photo group to the Cloudehill Nursery. I have been before in Spring and Summer with all the flowers out in full bloom. It was interesting going in the cold winter when the plants are hiding out.

I was able to capture quite a few interesting shots, what do you think?

DSC05021 DSC05060 DSC05095 DSC05107 DSC05218 DSC05222 DSC05233 DSC05281 DSC05284


Bye for now,

Andrew 🙂

Bridges and Water

Hi everyone,

On Sunday I went with a photo group I am part of to take some photos of bridges and the river near the Melbourne CBD. We started at Princes Bridge and walked down to Punt Road. I was able to capture some beautiful reflections and the lighting was quite stunning.


DSC04732 DSC04736 DSC04740 DSC04741 DSC04743 DSC04759 DSC04629

Bye for now 🙂


Trentham Falls

Hi everyone,

Whilst we were away last weekend we stopped by Trentham Falls, the longest single drop waterfall in Victoria. All up it is 32 metres!

The water wasn’t flowing very fully, and the sun was very bright so it wasn’t ideal waterfall photography conditions. I still took the chance to try some long exposure photography to get the lovely moving water look as I had not done that before. I put my sunglasses over the lens to try and overcome the sunny time of day.

I hope to get back there later in winter when it will have more water flowing, but I am happy with the result. What do you think?

DSC04430ISO 100, 37.1mm, f9.0, 1/13 shutter.

Thanks for stopping by, till next time, Ciao!

An interesting backyard…

Hi everyone,

I went to a house in Ivanhoe last weekend and they had some interesting places in their backyard, so I took some time to get some photos.

I really felt these photos needed an olden day look to them, so with a little post production have added that. I’m pleased with the effect, what do you think?

DSC03521 DSC03479 DSC03501

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Cheers, Andrew

Autumn at Forest Glade Gardens, Mount Macedon

For mother’s day my mother-in-law and I went to Forest Glade, Mount Macedon. A gorgeous private gardens, $8.00 entry. (

Tip: When taking photos in the shade, change your white balance setting on the camera to ‘Shade’ this will really bring out the gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges. Just remember to change it back to auto later!

Here are some highlights from my photos:

DSC03171 DSC03145 DSC03118 DSC03104 DSC03092 DSC03052DSC02960 DSC03011