Insects in spring

Hi all,

Last weekend I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Yuroke, Spring Open day. I found many insects to photograph whilst there, I hope you enjoy!


DSC09789 DSC09882 DSC09729 DSC09720 DSC09698 DSC09655 DSC09639 DSC09610


Cheers, Andrew


Gardens at Lambley Nursery

Hi all,

Recently I visited Lambley Nursery in Ascot, just past Ballarat in Victoria. It takes approximately 2 hours from Melbourne by car. This is a gorgeous nursery specialising in drought tolerant plants. I must say, many of the plants are stunning! Even in Autumn, flowers everywhere! My favourite by far was the Salvia. We purchased quite a few plants too, mostly Salvia’s, so hopefully my garden will look this good sometime!






Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in some lovely gardens!

Cheers, Andrew

Lal Lal Falls

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I went to Lal Lal Falls near Ballarat. I have always loved Waterfalls and after all the rain we had been having in Victoria I hoped Lal Lal Falls would put on a good show!

I setup my tripod at the viewing platform and waited for the right lighting for a slow shutter. It took longer than expected so I explored the surrounding scenery and caught some photos there too! I was quite pleased with the result, what do you think?


DSC00216 DSC00283 DSC00306Have a good weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew