Luna Park Light Painting

Hi everyone,

A few months ago I went to Luna Park with a friend to do some light painting. There are so many lights all around, but my favourites are always the moving lights from the rides.

dsc08530dsc08600dsc08593dsc08549 dsc08568 dsc08569 dsc08564 dsc08559dsc08554

Cheers, Andrew


Light painting rides at the Royal Melbourne Show 2016

Hi everyone,

Spring is time for the Royal Melbourne Show, and I was excited! I love rides at the show, but not to go on them, to photograph them! That’s exactly what I did, my tripod and I set up and away I went. I hope you enjoy some abstract light painting art!

dsc00367 dsc00374 dsc00375 dsc00381 dsc00385 dsc00404 dsc00407 dsc00413 dsc00418 dsc00426 dsc00452

Cheers, Andrew

Light trails at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Hi all,

Recently when I visited the Gertrude Street Projection Festival I had a great time with my tripod doing some light trails with the traffic. Trams were my favourite as they provide an amazing trail given their size and the lighting inside.





Cheers, Andrew

Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Hi everyone,

On Saturday night I went to theย Gertrude Street Projection Festivalย in Fitzroy, Melbourne. The busy night life of Gertrude Street had awesome light displays projected on buildings and foot paths, and some other quirky exhibits!

With my trusty tripod out, I really enjoyed capturing the lights and light trails. There were so many creative photo opportunities. I had a blast!

The GSPF has finished for this year, but will be back next year I’m sure. Do go along if you are in Melbourne ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC05756 DSC05761 DSC05796 DSC05862 DSC05867 DSC01902


Hope you enjoyed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cheers, Andrew