Banyule Wetlands

Hi everyone,

Recently I visited the Banyule Flats Reserve, which has a large lake and wetlands area close to the Melbourne CBD. It was an interesting area full of bird life. Unfortunately I didn’t get as close to the birds as I had hoped. Instead I captured photos of the wetlands and plants. What do you think of the photos I captured?

DSC09692 DSC09683 DSC09676 DSC09644 DSC09567


Cheers, Andrew


Flowers at Seawinds Gardens

Hi all,

Last weekend I visited Seawinds Gardens at Arthurs Seat. This is a beautiful location looking down on the Mornington Peninsula. You can even see the city on a clear day. The gardens include some sculptures of William Ricketts too.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day so I took these lovely photos of flowers:

DSC08034 DSC08002 DSC07897Have a good weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew

Tibetan Buddhist Society Gardens

Hi everyone,

Earlier this year I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society, this was before I had a blog so none of the photos made there way on here. I was looking at them again today, and wanted to share some with you.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society have gorgeous gardens as they spend a lot of time nurturing the plants. There were quite a few visitors of the insect kind also…

DSC02112 DSC02159 DSC02229 DSC02269

Have a great weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew

Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm

Hi everyone,

In June I went to Lavandula the Lavender Farm. Given it was winter, the Lavender was not flowering. Instead I photographed the architecture and bare trees. It was very interesting seeing the area without the hero of the lavender, you can see things you would normally miss….

DSC04097 DSC04165 DSC04199I love the ‘framing’ effect the trees have in the first two photos.

Have a good weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew

Gardens and Architecture at Cloudehill Nursery

Hi all,

On Sunday I went with a photo group to the Cloudehill Nursery. I have been before in Spring and Summer with all the flowers out in full bloom. It was interesting going in the cold winter when the plants are hiding out.

I was able to capture quite a few interesting shots, what do you think?

DSC05021 DSC05060 DSC05095 DSC05107 DSC05218 DSC05222 DSC05233 DSC05281 DSC05284


Bye for now,

Andrew 🙂

Autumn at Forest Glade Gardens, Mount Macedon

For mother’s day my mother-in-law and I went to Forest Glade, Mount Macedon. A gorgeous private gardens, $8.00 entry. (

Tip: When taking photos in the shade, change your white balance setting on the camera to ‘Shade’ this will really bring out the gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges. Just remember to change it back to auto later!

Here are some highlights from my photos:

DSC03171 DSC03145 DSC03118 DSC03104 DSC03092 DSC03052DSC02960 DSC03011