Insects in spring

Hi all,

Last weekend I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Yuroke, Spring Open day. I found many insects to photograph whilst there, I hope you enjoy!


DSC09789 DSC09882 DSC09729 DSC09720 DSC09698 DSC09655 DSC09639 DSC09610


Cheers, Andrew


Orange Butterfly

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while, sorry for being so quiet on my blog. I have too busy taking photos in New Zealand 🙂

Today I wanted to share some photos of butterflies we found in the Hamilton Gardens. These gardens are stunning, so more photos to come.

These butterflies were flying about the gardens in the gorgeous spring weather. Thankfully they stopped on some leaves long enough for me to get some good photos!


DSC08320 DSC08312 DSC08272

Cheers, Andrew

Butterflies at the Zoo

Hi all,

Well winter has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Definitely not an ideal setting for my favourite subjects insects and flowers! I visited the Melbourne Zoo this weekend and was pleased to find the Butterflies very active in their enclosure. I took these photos of the gorgeous flying insects!

I will now need to get thinking of new ideas for my winter photography, any suggestions?

DSC06502 DSC06524 DSC06558 DSC06573 DSC06579


Cheers, Andrew

Insects at Lambley Nursery

Hi all,

One of the benefits of beautiful flowering gardens like Lambley Nursery are the insects it attracts. I added some insect photos in my previous post from Lambley, but saved these for a separate post as they are my favourites!




Cheers, Andrew

Tibetan Buddhist Society Gardens

Hi everyone,

Earlier this year I visited the Tibetan Buddhist Society, this was before I had a blog so none of the photos made there way on here. I was looking at them again today, and wanted to share some with you.

The Tibetan Buddhist Society have gorgeous gardens as they spend a lot of time nurturing the plants. There were quite a few visitors of the insect kind also…

DSC02112 DSC02159 DSC02229 DSC02269

Have a great weekend 🙂

Cheers, Andrew