Butterflies at the Zoo

Hi all,

Well winter has arrived in Melbourne, Australia. Definitely not an ideal setting for my favourite subjects insects and flowers! I visited the Melbourne Zoo this weekend and was pleased to find the Butterflies very active in their enclosure. I took these photos of the gorgeous flying insects!

I will now need to get thinking of new ideas for my winter photography, any suggestions?

DSC06502 DSC06524 DSC06558 DSC06573 DSC06579


Cheers, Andrew


Light Painting Dromana Beach

Hi everyone,

Last night I went with a group of photographers to do some light painting at Dromana Beach. We set steel wool alight to make the circular images. I then went down the pier hitting my light sabre on the railing. When you hit the light sabre it changes colour, pretty cool effect I think 🙂

DSC08154 DSC08159 DSC08164

What do you think?

Cheers, Andrew