Rippon Lea House & Garden

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I visited Rippon Lea House & Garden a few weeks ago. It is a beautiful old Mansion and gardens. I would describe it as a peaceful oasis within busy suburbia. Within its fenced surrounds, you forget you are within a city!



Paradise! Love to take a dip?

Paradise! Love to take a dip?

DSC09951DSC09756DSC09856It is definitely worth a visit! I’ll be back.

Cheers, Andrew


State Library of Victoria

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I went with a friend to the State Library of Victoria a few weeks ago. This is no ordinary library – you can’t actually borrow books, it is there as a reference library and place to study or view historical work.

At 2pm they had a tour run by a volunteer called the dome tour. This was a great experience. I learnt quite a bit about the library, and explored areas I did not know existed.  Did you know all books published in Victoria must send a copy to the State Library?

The State Library is an amazing piece of architecture. Our tour guide told us the glass in the dome was actually covered for a period of time. Imagine how dark that would have been! Thankfully the dome was restored as it is beautiful!


DSC09241DSC09294 DSC09286
DSC09202 DSC09194

So if you are free and in Melbourne, I highly suggest the Dome Tour at the State Library.

Cheers, Andrew

RMIT Design Hub Building 100

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Last weekend I walked past the RMIT Design Hub on the corner of Victoria and Swanston Streets in Melbourne CBD. Quite a spectacular building, which has a great pattern. I took a moment to get some photos.

RMIT University Design Hub - Building 100 150 Victoria Street Carlton VIC 3000

RMIT University Design Hub - Building 100 150 Victoria Street Carlton VIC 3000
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Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

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A few weeks ago on a lovely Sunday afternoon I visited the Shrine of Remembrance. This building is designed for people to pay their respects to those that have fought for our freedom. I find it quite a lovely place as it focusses on the peace and good in the world, rather than glorifying the evil of war.

What do you think of the photos?




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