Vantage Point at Alowyn Gardens

Hi all,

I recently decided to participate in a Pinterest project called #VantagePoint put together by Light, a compact camera maker. I have chosen to write about my favorite photography location, and how my equipment plays a part in how I photograph. Well it was easy for me to choose Alowyn Gardens as my favorite photography location. I am a regular visitor there for multiple reasons. Firstly it is such a peaceful place, with beautiful gardens. Very relaxing. Secondly, there is always something new to photograph. No matter how many times I go, I always find something inspirational.

The camera I use is a Sony RX100. This is a fixed lens compact camera, with full manual functionality. I chose this camera because it allowed me full control of my settings, has an excellent aperture available of 1.8, and is compact. I can easily take it with me.

Full control of the settings in my camera is important to me, as I like to take close up macro shots of flowers and insects, so shutter speed and aperture is very important to get the shot just right.

Here are some of the photos from my recent visit to Alowyn Gardens, as you can see I was excited the insects were out!

It was a lot of fun writing this #VantagePoint post, and I must say I am interested in their cameras given they too are compact! I look forward to finding out more about them soon.

Cheers, Andrew


Otway Herbs Nursery and Cottage Gardens

Hi all,

On our last day in Apollo Bay, we visited Otway Herbs Nursery and Cottage Gardens. A lovely garden nestled at the top of quite a large mountain. This is their private home and backyard. We had a lovely chat with one of the owners, and purchased some nice plants.

The gardens can be a little steep, so you need good mobility! Very lovely though. I found some insects to photograph too, so was extra special 🙂

dsc02544 dsc02604 dsc02602dsc02601 dsc02594 dsc02576 dsc02532 dsc02546 dsc02557 dsc02530 dsc02526 dsc02525 dsc02614

Cheers, Andrew

Kennett River – Birds and Koalas

Hi all,

The trip home was a good one for photography! We also stopped in at Kennett River, which is known for its Koalas and Birds. The birds are so used to humans, that they fly down and land on you! The koalas are in the trees but very close and easy to spot.

dsc02627dsc02698dsc02670dsc02678dsc02667 dsc02648 dsc02619

Cheers, Andrew

Aireys Inlet

Hi all,

On our way home from Apollo Bay we stopped by Aireys Inlet to view the Lighthouse. Called the Split Point Lighthouse, it was used in the Australian kids TV show Round the Twist. It was not open when we went past, so I captured some photos from the outside.

dsc02762 dsc02779 dsc02781

Cheers, Andrew

Triplet Falls

Hi all,

Closeby to Hopetoun Falls, is Triplet Falls. This is just past the Otway Fly Treetop Walk. I have been to Triplet Falls many times. I tend to go everytime I visit the Great Ocean Road.

It is about an hour circuit walk, with plenty of stairs! You visit 3 viewing platforms to see the waterfalls. The last is by far the best. The photos I have shown here are all from the last viewing point. The trees and greenery do block a lot of the waterfall, but this does add to the atmosphere when you are there.

dsc02276dsc02271 dsc02274 Cheers, Andrew

Hopetoun Falls

Hi all,

I love waterfalls. I find them very relaxing. Whilst staying in Apollo Bay we went and looked at some waterfalls. This is the first one, Hopetoun Falls. It was my first time at this waterfall, and it is beautiful.

The walk down has a lot of stairs, but is worth it as you get to go right down to the base. Worth a visit if you are in the area.


dsc02174Cheers, Andrew

12 Apostles Great Ocean Road

Hi all,

Recently I spent a few days in Apollo Bay. Whilst there we visited the 12 Apostles, and some of the other sight seeing spots along the Great Ocean Road. It was a lovely day for photography, the sun bringing out the beautiful golden hues of the rocks. I hope you enjoy.

dsc02372 dsc02309 dsc02351 dsc02353 dsc02326 dsc02317 dsc02483 dsc02461 dsc02454 dsc02476

Cheers, Andrew