Light painting rides at the Royal Melbourne Show 2016

Hi everyone,

Spring is time for the Royal Melbourne Show, and I was excited! I love rides at the show, but not to go on them, to photograph them! That’s exactly what I did, my tripod and I set up and away I went. I hope you enjoy some abstract light painting art!

dsc00367 dsc00374 dsc00375 dsc00381 dsc00385 dsc00404 dsc00407 dsc00413 dsc00418 dsc00426 dsc00452

Cheers, Andrew

Light trails at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Hi all,

Recently when I visited the Gertrude Street Projection Festival I had a great time with my tripod doing some light trails with the traffic. Trams were my favourite as they provide an amazing trail given their size and the lighting inside.





Cheers, Andrew

VW Beetle – All lit up!

Hi all,

Last weekend I visited the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. It is an annual festival where they use light in different ways to create works of art. A lot of fun! In this post I have included some of my favourite photos from the VW Beetle art work. A projector was shining different patterns onto the car.

DSC07321 DSC07317 DSC07302 DSC07280 DSC07279

Cheers, Andrew