Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago on a lovely Sunday afternoon I visited the Shrine of Remembrance. This building is designed for people to pay their respects to those that have fought for our freedom. I find it quite a lovely place as it focusses on the peace and good in the world, rather than glorifying the evil of war.

What do you think of the photos?




Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Cheers, Andrew




10 comments on “Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

  1. thats a nice collection of images you have taken Andrew…

  2. dicedimagery says:

    Hi Andrew,

    The second image with the flag is the one that that grabs me. Well done!

  3. andrewvokes says:

    Love the way you’ve captured this, nice work!

  4. This is such powerfully magic art. I am touched and moved. Wow.

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