Docklands Fireworks

Hi everyone,

I hope your weekend is going well. Until the end of August, Docklands have free Friday night fireworks that go for about 10 minutes from 7pm. I went along last Friday to take some photos.

It was a first time for me taking photos of fireworks, but I think they turned out pretty well!


DSC05987 DSC05990 DSC05992All of these were taken with my Sony RX100 on a tripod. The manual settings were:

ISO: 125    Aperture: f10     Shutter: 5 sec

Definitely worth photographing fireworks, quite fun!

Cheers, Andrew


5 comments on “Docklands Fireworks

  1. dhphotosite says:

    I say you were quite successful!!

  2. zabeel says:

    Hi andrew… I love the pictures you have taken…. itz great…. how do you ficus for the fireworks on the rx100…. it would be a great help…. thankz

    • zabeel says:

      Sorry typo error…. I meant focus….!!

    • Thanks for checking it out Zabeel. If focussing using auto focus, you need to point the camera at somewhere that is lit up, hold the shutter half down so it focuses, you should get the green box over as much of the composition as possible. Then whilst holding the shutter still, move the camera to your fireworks and fully press. This can be annoying! If you change your settings to manual, you can use the ring around the lens to focus, and then it will stay at that focus point for all your shots. Much easier 🙂

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