Bridges in Docklands, Melbourne

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday night I took part in a photography walk throughout the Docklands area.

We started at Webb Bridge, which has some brilliant shapes and reflections to capture:



DSC04841We then visited Seafarers Bridge, I love the symmetry in this photo:

DSC04877On the way back to the train, I captured some light trails. Makes traffic look almost pretty! This is a 12 second exposure:

DSC04884Quite an interesting area. A very cold night, but I think I got some good photos, what do you think?

Cheers, Andrew




3 comments on “Bridges in Docklands, Melbourne

  1. Liz Gibbs says:

    Very interesting Andrew.
    I have taken some great night shots around the Casino.
    We must add it to our to do list again.

  2. Gitti says:

    i really like bridges & you have made these look sensational!

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