Light Painting # 2 – Guildford

Hi everyone,

In Victoria, Australia it was the Queen’s Birthday public holiday yesterday so we went away to the country for some peace and quiet. It was very dark away from the city lights so I did some light painting.

All were taken at ISO 125 Aperture: f7.1. The shutter speed was set to BULB so I could open and close as needed. Between 25 and 41 seconds for these.


I experimented with sparklers this time. I really like the effect of the sparklers… I need to get better at my actual painting though (the below photo says ‘Happy’) I tend to cut things off, anyway. Its all practise!

DSC04271My mother in law Elizabeth painted this one whilst I took care of the camera, she did a really good job! She decided to shorten her name though!DSC04248 DSC04255

I like how the sparklers light up the branches slightly in the tree photo below:


What do you think of my second light painting attempt?

Cheers, Andrew 🙂



2 comments on “Light Painting # 2 – Guildford

  1. They are great! Looks like you had fun 🙂

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