Light Painting 10th May 2013

We decided to try light painting last night. This means using a long exposure and low light sensitivity so the camera picks up what you ‘paint’ with different light sources.

I am pretty impressed with our results. What do you think?DSC02892 DSC02896DSC02893 DSC02890 DSC02873 DSC02835 DSC02904 DSC02900 DSC02899 DSC02894


9 comments on “Light Painting 10th May 2013

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    I think they’re incredible!

  2. barbsieart says:

    hi andrew, your photos are fantastic….

  3. photos by erica h says:

    I love light painting- what did you use as your light source? The different colors look great.

    • Thank you 🙂

      We had different types of torches. A friend of mine had a fantastic torch which changed colour every few seconds which is the one mainly in the photos on here… must find where to buy one!!

  4. Hi Andrew! Nice to meet you, and thanks so much for liking some of my recent posts, “Macro Pinecone…” and my “Macro Photorgraphy” page. It means an awful lot.

    Now, getting to this blog of yours. I like this series of painting with light! Would you mind sharing how you set this up – guessing long exposure, but how long? How did the light drawers “disappear”? Very cool!

  5. […] P.S: Check out my light painting here […]

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